Mitsubishi Service Information

This page contains links to diagnostic, repair and service information provided by Mitsubishi, plus additional, third-party resources. All resources are available to all automotive repair professionals. Some types of information are free, while others require a subscription purchase. Access to Mitsubishi Vehicle Security Information (key codes, immobilizer reset procedures, etc.) requires an approved account under the Vehicle Security Professional program.

Service, repair and security data is available for all Mitsubishi vehicles sold in Canada.

How to set up accounts with Mitsubishi: Visit the Mitsubishi service information website. On the left of the Home page you’ll see the links to either log in, or set up a new account (“Click here to become a new member”). Then click “Continue” to register your new account.
(note: where asked to select “State” and no Canadian provinces are listed, enter ANY US state)

System Requirements are shown on the Home Page just below the Log in section on the left.

Mitsubishi OEM Information

Mitsubishi’s website is configured so that most links open in a frame on the same page rather than a new page, therefore we cannot provide direct links to specific types of information.

Service Information

Mitsubishi technical information website

Third Party Resources

Matrix Chart

I-CAR RTS collision repair information

Uniform Procedures

I-CAR RTS website


Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the service information website, register for an account, purchase a subscription. Note the system requirements below the Log in section on the Home Page.

For reprogramming with either a J2534 device or the OEM scan tool (MUT-III):

  1. Select models beginning with the 1998 model year
  2. ll models beginning with the 1999 model year
  3. Emission and driveability issues related to engine and transmission control modules
  4. PCM initialization procedures for replacement PCMs

For access to J-2534 Information on the Mitsubishi service information website: Click on “J2534 Pass-Thru” in the bar at the top of the page.

Go to, select the “J2534 Pass Thru” link at the top of the page, and click on the “TSB Update and Adapter Cable Chart” document to review a list of applicable reprogramming TSBs for a given model. Use either “Update Manager A” software (available for download for legacy PCMs) or “PassThruCAN” software (available for download for newer, CAN-based PCMs) to retrieve the current calibration level of the controller. This can be done on the free portion of the site.

A Mitsubishi validated J2534 device (validated devices are listed on the site). For some legacy models, an adapter cable is also needed (available for purchase on the site). The “TSB Update and Adapter Cable Chart” document mentioned above identifies the vehicle part number and applicability – OR – The Mitsubishi OEM scan tool can also be purchased and used to perform all programming/initialization functions, as well as other non-J2534 functions.

Subscribe to and based on the information retrieved from “Update Manager A” or “PassThruCAN”, use the site search engine to retrieve the appropriate calibration and support files. Download either Update Manager B (legacy PCMs) or PassThruCAN activation DLL (newer CAN-based PCMs) to apply the calibration file or perform initialization on newer CAN-based PCMs.