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This page contains links to diagnostic, repair and service information provided by Subaru, plus additional, third-party resources. All resources are available to all automotive repair professionals. Some types of information are free, while others require a subscription purchase. Access to Subaru Vehicle Security Information (key codes, immobilizer reset procedures, etc.) is not available for Canadian vehicles, however, can be accessed by Canadian repairers for US vehicles. Requires an approved account under the Vehicle Security Professional program.

Service and repair data is available for all Subaru vehicles sold in Canada.

How to set up accounts with Subaru: Go to the new account registration page, complete all requested information.

Subaru OEM Information

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Collision repair info and position statements

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I-CAR RTS collision repair information


Frequently Asked Questions

Subaru Position Statements

Frequently Asked Questions

 Please consult the free space area under “Special Tool Information” on the Subaru Technical Information System (STIS) website. For additional information regarding applicable reprogramming refer to Subaru Technical Service Bulletins available to subscribers on STIS.

Subaru has no reprogramming capability for model years 1996-1998. ECM reprogramming is available starting with our 1999 model to current model year vehicles.

For access to J-2534 Information on the Subaru service information website:

  1. Click on “Special Tool Information”.
  2. croll down to Question 1(I) and 5 for J2534 Information.

Available pre-J2534 reprogramming and J2534 pass thru reprogramming files are can be viewed on STIS here.

Note: The ECM (or TCM) being reprogrammed may already contain some or all of the reprogramming files listed in the Reprogramming J2534 Files chart shown by release date. It is possible to damage the vehicles ECM/ TCM during the reprogramming event. Once the reprogramming process has started, it is recommended not to interrupt the process until the event is completed. If you experience any problems, please contact your scan tool maker for further instructions.

Subaru of America, Inc., does not offer a dealer diagnostic tool rental program or any lease arrangements.

Aftermarket diagnostic hardware & software is available here.

Subaru reprogramming files using generic (non-OEM) SAE J2534 a pass-thru vehicle programming device are available by contacting Service Technical Information Company toll free at 1-866-428-2278. The cost for the CD-ROM with all reprogramming files is $75.00 plus S/H and applicable state tax. Files will be updated four times per year in CD-ROM format with all available reprogramming service information at the same above offered cost. Authorized Subaru Dealers are provided the same reprogramming information.