Ford Motor Company Service Information

This page contains links to diagnostic, repair and service information provided by Ford Motor Company, plus additional, third-party resources. All resources are available to all automotive repair professionals. Some types of information are free, while others require a subscription purchase. Access to Vehicle Security Information (key codes, immobilizer reset procedures, etc.) requires an approved account under the Vehicle Security Professional program.

Service, repair and security data is available for all Ford vehicles sold in Canada, including Ford Truck through class 7.

How to set up accounts with Ford: Visit the Ford Service Information website, select “Canada” from the Country drop-down list and your choice of language, then click “Register” and complete the registration form.
(note: where asked to select “State” and no Canadian provinces are listed, enter ANY US state)

System Requirements: Visit the Ford Service Information website, then, under “Site Features” click “Service Info”. System requirements are shown on this page.
Identify computer system requirements needed to support reprogramming: The most current requirements are available on under the “Reprogramming” tab, then choose “Module Programming and Initialization”. Scroll down to find minimum PC and software requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the service information website:, register for an account, purchase a subscription, click on “Reprogramming” under “Site Features”.

Emission-related (OBDII) modules on some vehicles manufactured in 1995 and all vehicles manufactured from 1996 to the present. Non-emission-related modules on many vehicles (UBP and medium speed MSCan are not supported) In addition, module initialization (PATS) functions such as keycode erase/Reprogram and PCM parameter reset can be done using this application.

Software calibrations for use by SAE J2534 pass-thru tools are found under the “Reprogramming” tab. Under this tab choose “Module Programming and Initialization”. Scroll down for SAE J2534 information. This page describes subscription benefits, shows latest calibration information, minimum PC requirements, validated J2534 devices and the process overview.

The Motorcraft Service website provides aftermarket users with access to Module Programming and Initiation. Register as a user before purchasing services from this website. From the main page, select “Register Today”. Once registered, a technician can then purchase a subscription to download the software necessary to program electronic modules to the latest calibration level, perform module initialization (PATS), and set programmable parameters on Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles.

Go to, select the “Reprogramming” tab, then choose “Module Programming and Initialization”. Scroll down and select “Latest Calibration Information” and you will be directed to a web page where you select the vehicle. After listing vehicle information, select “Submit” to get a list of the latest part number for that application. You can then compare the latest part number with the actual number installed on the vehicle to determine if a reprogram is needed.

Ford Motor Company uses the IDS (Integrated Diagnostic Software) as the full service diagnostic tool. IDS is a flexible diagnostic tool that utilizes standard computing platforms to work with Ford’s VCM device. An IDS software license is required to use IDS software with a VCM or VCM II. The use of the IDS software requires a software license which can be purchased for an additional fee. To purchase the IDS software license, go to, select the “Reprogramming” tab, then choose IDS Software Licensing.

VCM :The Vehicle Communication Module (VCM) communicates with Ford vehicles through the 16-pin diagnostic link connector. This device is used by the IDS software and is the core of Ford’s diagnostic strategy. The VCM II was introduced in the second half of 2012. The IDS software will support both the VCM and the VCM II.

For SAE J2534 equipment, go to, then select the Diagnostic Tool Support tab. Pass-thru devices can be purchased from a third-party supplier. There is a list of validated SAE J2534 pass-thru tools under the “Reprogramming” tab. From this tab choose “Module Programming and Initialization”. Scroll down to find the list of SAE J2534 accepted pass-thru devices.

Ford Module Programming Process Overview:

  1. Purchase a subscription to Ford Module Programming on
  2. Go to “My Subscriptions/Ford Module Programming”. Download the application and install it on your PC.
  3. Connect the J2534 pass-thru device to the PC and the vehicle, and power it up.
  4. Run the Ford Module Programming application installed on your PC.
  5. The application will determine whether or not a new calibration file is available.
  6. If you choose to use the new file, the module will be reprogrammed.
  7. If PATS functionality is required, it can be chosen from the toolbox.