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This page contains links to diagnostic, repair and service information provided by Jaguar, plus additional, third-party resources. All resources are available to all automotive repair professionals. Some types of information are free, while others require a subscription purchase. Access to Jaguar Vehicle Security Information (key codes, immobilizer reset procedures, etc.) requires an approved account under the Vehicle Security Professional program.

Service and repair data is available for Jaguar vehicles sold in Canada.

How to set up accounts with Jaguar: Follow this link. (To purchase a subscription you must first register to use the site. This link takes you to the beginning of that process.)
(note: where asked to select “State” and no Canadian provinces are listed, enter ANY US state)

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Third Party Resources

Collision Matrix Chart

I-CAR RTS collision repair information


Frequently Asked Questions

For access to J-2534 Information on the Jaguar service information website:

JLR Symptom Driven Diagnostics (SDD) for Independent Repairers: Diagnostic Software / Module programming subscriptions – without security access – can be purchased via TOPIx (From the User ID – Options Menu – Programming subscriptions – click add). Module programming – with security access – is necessary to program the IPC, BCM, ECM (PCM), KVM, as well as keys. Licensed locksmiths and independent repairers must be active members of the Vehicle Security Professional (VSP) registry and will need to purchase a subscription to Independent Module Programming with Security Access to program these components.

Currently Jaguar only supports yearly module programming subscriptions with security access. SDD will only support Jaguar vehicles built from 1995 MY onward. Please contact for further information on obtaining security access before a module programming subscription is purchased.